Bastion Protective Dog Collar

Protective dog collar, for when your pet is injured, or post operation. Made of high-quality light-weight plastic, provides harmless, non-toxic, sturdy and non-deform performance. Extra soft fabric edge provides your dog or cat additional comfort and protection.

Product Code: COL01
Neck: 14.6 ~ 24.13 cm
Barcode: 6953182730507

Product Code: COL02
Neck: 18.41 ~ 31.11 cm
Barcode: 6953182730514

Product Code: COL03
Neck: 24.13 ~ 39.17 cm
Barcode: 6953182730521

Large Soft Muzzle
Product Code: COL04
Neck: 31.11 ~ 53.34 cm
Barcode: 6953182730538

X-Large Soft Muzzle
Product Code: COL05
Neck: 38.73 ~ 63.5 cm
Barcode: 6953182730545