KATZ Menu – Housecat

Some cats spend the majority of their lives indoors. The living space they use is more easily limited, which inevitably also results in lower activity levels.

Katz Menu Housecat is a well balanced food, especially aimed at cats which mainly live indoors.

Katz Menu Housecat has a lower calorie content and an increased nutritional fibre content, which ensures the cat stays at his or her ideal weight. This food is also enriched with Yucca elements, which will reduce any unpleasant odours from the litter tray. Katz Menu Housecat is the ideal food for indoor cats.

Size: 400g
Product Code: KM10
Barcode: 5411860802256

Size: 2kg
Product Code: KM11
Barcode: 5411860802263

Size: 7,5kg
Product Code: KM12
Barcode: 5411860802690