Petrebels FAQ

Q1. What is sisal rope and why is the quality of it so important?

Sisal is a natural product which rope is made of. We only use extra thick sisal with a diameter of 5,2mm for our cat trees. Therefore, our cat trees and cat furniture last a lot longer.

Q2. Is the quality of plush also important?

Yes, it is! It determines the lifespan of the cat furniture. Thus, we only work with thick and qualitatively strong plush.

Q3. Why do you glue the sisal and the plush?

We have discovered that it is better to glue some parts, such as the sisal and the plush. Cats are therefore less likely to break, which means that the scratching posts last up to 30% longer than other scratching posts.

Q4. Sometimes there is loose plush on the cat tree, why is that?

All of our plush is cut and mounted by hand. It can happen that there is a loose piece of plush laying around on the cat tree. No panic, it has no effect on the quality or lifespan.

Q5. How heavy are Petrebels cat trees?

Our cat trees are heavier than the average cat trees. This is caused by the extra thick bottom plates we use. The exact weight is different for each cat tree or cat furniture – you can find this in the product description.

Q6. Why is a thick bottom plate important?

By using thicker bottom plates every cat tree and every cat furniture will be more stable. We only create quality products and therefore only use bottom plates that are 2 to 5 cm thick.

Q7. Why is the height of a cat tree important?

Cats sharpen their nails several times a day and love to stretch out. This is only possible if the cat tree is high enough – a big cat needs a higher tree than a smaller cat. Tip: measure the cat with stretched legs before choosing a product. This way you can be certain it will be suitable.

Q8. What is the dog doing on your packaging and logo?

Well…. we have not figured that out yet ourselves 😊