Toilet Training
for your Puppy

This big job will take a lot of time and you will probably wonder if you will ever succeed. But the frustration is less than the love for your little puppy, so you do it diligently. One of the very first lessons you will teach your pup is to urinate outside.

Actually, the learning process starts before the puppy comes to your house. The breeder does preparatory work. Dogs are very clean animals, so the breeder will ensure that the puppies have adequate and clean space at all times. The dogs often have a fixed corner with newspapers where they can do their needs. Dogs are clean animals by nature, so they are less likely to soil their own sleeping area. When choosing the puppy, pay close attention to how clean the litter looks. The cleaner the litter, the easier your puppy will become toilet trained.
As soon as your puppy is at your home, you immediately take over from the breeder. Make sure the puppy goes outside regularly. In the beginning every hour. Also pay close attention to your pup’s behavior. Is he sniffing more than usual? Then it seems that he is looking for a place to do his needs. If your puppy is doing well, do not hesitate to reward him generously.
Does your dog urinate in the dog cage? Then there is a good chance that the cage is too big. The space in the cage must be just enough to lie, stand and turn around. You can easily reduce the cage by, for example, inserting a dividing panel.
Dogs learn best when something is a habit. Therefore, always try to do the ritual in the same order. An example is that your pup may or may only play separately after the urination. Or the other way around, that you first play together and go home immediately after urinating. Once again, don’t forget to reward after the need is done.
You are now a trained team, but then it goes wrong. Well, that can happen. When you see it happen, bring your puppy outside immediately. To reduce the mess, but also for the routine. Don’t get mad at the puppy as this can backfire. Completely ignore the incident, because talking kindly can feel like a reward. Make sure your pup isn’t around when cleaning up and use a cleaner that really removes all odors. If a light urine smell remains, it is very attractive for your puppy to urinate in that place again.
We wish you a lot of success in this learning process. Do not give up! It’ll be alright.