• The Charlotte 134 has 5.2mm thick, natural sisal and 9cm thick scratching posts. It is a very stable cat tree for your loved one. In total, there is a sleeping cave, 1 hammock and a mega soft seat, with removable cushions. Thanks to its ergonomic measurements, CHARLOTTE 134 does not need much space and is also perfect for large cats that want to strech the whole way along the long scratching posts at the bottom. Product Code: PR015 Colour: Cappuccino Size: 59 x 56 x 134 cm Barcode: 8719425791777  
  • The Cleveland 175 is the largest model in the Little Rebels collection. It has 2 wonderful caves where your Rebels can hide. There are also 2 hammocks and a sofa where your Royal has a wonderful overview. With 7cm diameter crab stems, the Cleveland is obviously not intended for heavy and large scrapers, we really recommend 12cm or more. Cleveland is recommended for cats up to 3,5 kg max. Product Code: PR014 Colour: Grey Size: 60 x 50 x 175 cm Barcode: 8719425791272
  • This is a perfect post for large and low-weighted cats. The cat is able to stretch up to 90 cm height! It is stuffed with a bottom board and a scratching post. Product Code: PR012 Colour: Grey Size: 40 x 40 x 90 cm Barcode: 8719425790077    
  • A comfortable seat at the top, a relax sofa for cuddle opportunities halfway and a hiding tunnel at the bottom. Product Code: PR013 Colour: Grey Size: 40 x 40 x 92 cm Barcode: 8719425791227    
  • This model belongs to our "Kings and Queens" collection because it combines compact construction with an open design. With its 6mm thick, naturall sisal and 12cm thick posts, VICTORIA 125 is ideal for smaller homes. Two luxurious seats with cushion at the top ensure your darling an optimal lookout. A Sleeping cave for afternoon naps and a play role create a truly treat for your cat. Product Code: PR016 Colour: Grey Size: 48 x 48 x 125 cm Barcode: 8719425792248  


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