• Cockatiel Mix includes Striped Sunflower, Yellow Millet, Oats & Parrot Biscuits. Product Code: CVT Weight: 5kg Barcode: 6009800077582 V Number: V25754
  • Tropical Parrot food includes Striped Sunflower, Red Sorghum, Yellow Maize, Parrot Biscuits, Oats, Unshelled Peanuts, White Sunflower, Chillies & Popcorn Product Code: TVT Weight: 5kg Barcode: 6009800077599 V Number: V25757
  • Budgie Mix includes Yellow Millet, Red Millet & Oats. Product Code: BVT Weight: 7,5kg Barcode: 6009800077575 V Number: V25748
  • Our Wild Bird Seed is a combination of Yellow Millet, Red Millet, Red Sorghum & Fine Crushed Maize. Product Code: WBVT Weight: 7,5kg Barcode: 6009800077568
  • Our Hamster Food includes Striped Sunflower, Whole Maize, Rabbit Pellets, Parrot Biscuits and Red Sorghum Product Code: HVT Weight: 7,5kg Barcode:6009800077551 V Number: V25750
  • Product Code: RVT Weight: 7,5kg Barcode:6009800077605 V Number: V26047


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